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July 22, 2014

Weavers Tourism Marketing Services – Namibia

Introduction to Weavers Tourism Marketing Services

Weavers Tourism & Marketing Services are all about promoting your establishment and positioning your establishment on the Tourism platform you share with many other team players. Without the necessary exposure or a Marketing strategy in place it can take very long for your establishment to reach its desired occupancy or potential. It has been proven that establishments entering the industry without a sound marketing strategy don’t reach their breakeven point by at least their third year in business. Marketing does not fall in place by itself it’s a specialised service that requires full time dedication. Marketing should be optimized to give your establishment the necessary exposure in the existing and emerging markets. It should be a cost effective function but not limited.
Namibia is a new destination to the old world traveller. Our small country hardly features among the established countries visited by thousands of tourists annually. We are up against aggressive competition from a global point of view. It is essential to utilise all the marketing resources to ensure Namibia with its unique attractions and charming establishments are at the foreground of the Tourism industry and travel consumers mind.

It`s not only costly but also requires time to do intense marketing to make sure our establishments feature as a preferred choice. It’s an equally intense process to promote an establishment on the most prominent platforms where potential visitors will research a destination. With the help of the internet and social media the world is becoming a smaller palace and by using the tools of technology we can make a profound difference by promoting your establishment as part of destination. By joining online platforms you are automatically visible to those who do research on the internet and who plan to visit Namibia in the immediate or near future.

Marketing is a specialised field and not everyone is familiar with the many options that are available to promote an establishment. Certain channels are not equally successful or efficient and can be costly if they don’t yield return on investment. Online marketing is also not the only solution to grow your business. Namibia still depend on the traditional Tour Operators whom has been selling and packaging Namibia for the last two decades and who still bring in the largest portion of business. They might be set in their ways and prefer the traditional way of promoting their tours and itineraries in Namibia but over time they adapt and will follow the trends to retain their market share. We therefore have to continue to strengthen our bond and relationship with the Namibian Operators to ensure their loyalty towards the establishments we market under our portfolio.

It is at this point where Weavers Tourism Marketing Services can offer you a personalised Marketing strategy to promote your establishment. While Marketing and Reservations run hand in hand with one another we can offer your establishment a comprehensive service. Weavers are linked with Nightsbridge, its one of the most user friendly reservations systems and most compatible with all online marketing platforms that generates direct bookings. It has a global reach and affords the Tour Operator or Booking Agent the accessibility to also interact with your establishment from an availability and rates point of view.

It will give us great pleasure to consult with you on finding the best Marketing & Reservations solution for your business.

Please contact Frans Frans du Raan

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