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April 16, 2012

Weltevrede Guest Farm


WELTEVREDE: The closest Guestfarm with personal service to Sossusvlei & Sesriem.

Situated in the heart of the Namib Desert, some 300 kilometres south west of Windhoek and bordered on three sides by the Namib Naukluft Park, Weltevrede Guest Farm is the home of abundant wildlife and gateway to the famed Sossusvlei dunes and Sesriem Canyon. Nestled amidst a spectacular mix of rugged mountains, shifting dunes, harsh gravel plains, dusty prehistoric river beds and endless Camel-thorn trees (Acacia Erioloba), you’ll find Weltevrede a welcome oasis of friendly hospitality.

Weltevrede Guest Farm is a family business which we are keeping small to avoid overcrowded conditions. After 18 years of conservation (by the current owners) and water taken daily to various man-made watering holes, there are now 1000+ Springbucks on the farm. Regular cheetah sightings have been made in last few years. There are also kudus jackals, leopards, mountain zebras, ground squirrels, gemsbok, ostriches, various insect bird species to be seen. (60 known species)

We attempt to be sustainable as much as possible. We have implemented some use solar power, solar lights, energy saving bulbs and day-night switch lights. We also have a compost heap and recycle as much as possible. Basin & shower water is re-used to water plants. We are preparing a garden patch to plant our own vegetables and herbs like we used to.

We have a very happy and friendly set of staff. All staff members live on the premises with their respective families and have been here for several years. Our staff & their families are given the opportunity to receive training by us in several fields like cooking, tourism, decorating, clothes making, knitting, human relations, etc. We support their children in completing their education by providing transport to & from school free of charge on out-weekends & holidays. We also support the school in the form of donations for events.

We support the local community as much as possible by donating to the regional police sport codes. We support, where possible, the regional health care by assisting with accident victims until medical assistance arrives. Nature conservation staff is assisted with maintenance of bore holes & water is supplied in emergencies. Assistance is also provided with tracking of animals & anti-poaching.Vultures Namibia is sponsored during their annual vulture survey & ringing of chicks.

12 rooms each has a porch area overlooking the sunset over the Namib dunes & a small illuminated waterhole where various animals & birds come to drink. All 15 rooms (including the self-catering unit) are en-suite with air conditioners. Rooms are spacious with a small lounge area in each.

The farm is only 47km from Sesriem, the entrance of Sossusvlei and 37km from Solitaire.

Guests are greeted with friendly hospitality in our open air boma and activities like organized sunset walks, ballooning, Sossusvlei excursions, cheetah tracking drive (by outside providers), unguided hiking trails and swimming is offered. And everyday is ended perfectly with a nice sunset and a home-cooked traditional Afrikaans meal in our lovely lapa…


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