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November 9, 2012

Whaletales November Newsletter 2012

The industry has crawled out of what has been the worst winter season ever in Cape Town and the Western Cape, the recession in Europe and even locally still making itself felt. In addition, the Cape experienced one of its wettest winters ever, with seven weekends of rain out of eight in August and September, making Cape Town and the Western Cape unattractive to our local tourists.

The winter weather was excellent Social Media weather, and Twitter was most entertaining in watching the British Jubilee and Olympics Opening and Closing ceremonies, with wonderfully creative and hilarious comments made. Seriously though, we are seeing a rapid growth in our Marketing activity on this platform, with more than 25000 followers, a blog readership exceeding 36000, and a newsletter database exceeding 30000. Our most popular blogposts have been the Restaurant Winter specials, a huge hit when pockets are emptier than in summer. The restaurants of Cape Town and the Winelands have been amazing in the specials they offer to attract customers. Popular too were the blogposts we wrote about opinionated blogger Bruce Palling Eat Out ‘imported’ from the UK to give its Top 10 Restaurants Awards greater credibility, a failure in more than one respect! read more

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