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March 4, 2013

Samara Private Game Reserve

Why Samara.?

I would love to share with you my personal thoughts on what makes this amazing product in the Greater Karoo so amazing and why every visitor to South Africa should come experience Samara.

Samara so Unique and Extraordinary, and I Implore you to bring this amazing product into the hearts and minds of more people who desire the Exceptional..!!

Samara is located on the Largest Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape (70 000acres), and this very special, sacred land comes with a unique story and history that goes back millions of years.

Access to Samara is very easy and affordable, choose from self drive car hire or private guided transfer, or fly onto our private airstrip.

Samara’s special land is in a process of natural healing, and restoration with strong energy, offering one of the most unique experiences in South Africa, it is something amazing to witness & feel, and to be a part of this natural process and energy.

Samara’s Specialty is the ability to have the most beautiful landscape in South Africa and to be able to let guests experience the amazing plains below as well as the superb views on top of the mountains, to be able to relax and have dedicated picnics & unique experiences anywhere on the reserve, all the while sharing this precious land with an array of wildlife that roam on the mountains and down on the plains

At Samara you have the unique ability to walk on the reserve, tracking wildlife on foot and walking with Cheetah, imagine getting so close to wild Cheetah that you can hear them breath.

Samara has the only Tracker academy in Southern Africa and with one of the last remaining 2 Master Trackers in South Africa as the guide, guests get to experience something very special and unique as you can follow in the footsteps of this amazing guy as he is teaching the next generation the skills of Master Tracking.

Samara has ancient “Khoi-San” (bushmen) rock art paintings and especially the very rare painting of Cheetah, the only ever recorded painting of a Cheetah ever found in South Africa .

Samara has a fossilized creatures dating back millions of years to before the dinosaur age, embedded in rocks on the reserve.

SAMARA Quite Simply is an Experience unlike anything else offered in South Africa and is a Must to experience while in the Country.

Come experience the uniqueness of our specialized “thinking Man’s Safari” as we offer you an experience of a Lifetime!!!

Of course there is so much more to experience and do on Samara, but I thought to just share a few above, Samara also does Aardvark Safaris, specialized childrens Safaris, Walking Safaris, Biome Safaris, evening and star gazing Safaris , we often do sleep outs on the reserve, and of course we haven’t even spoken about the sacred history where this land was once part of the greatest migration on earth..!!

Are you aware of the many specials on offer at Samara..? please visit Samara Specials and make note the Grootbos & Samara offer where you only pay a rack rate of R 1 950a night p.p and either product.

Are you aware of the new Sibella suite at Samara, located next to a private water hole.? this suite is ideal for those wanting the great Samara Experience but for a lower rate.? Ideal for a couple, family or 2 couples who are traveling together. (Pay R 1 500 a night p.p in winter & R 1 950 a night p.p in Peak seasons Rack rates) let me know if you want to see some new stunning pictures.

For further information on our services, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us – Dave @ / Tele: + 44 (0) 1476 530927 / Mobile: + 44 (0) 7780 579306 for further details and bookings

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