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November 6, 2012

Zarafa Camp

When Great Plains Conservation took over management of the vast 320,000 acre Selinda Reserve six years ago we immediately stopped all hunting, knowing that animals would calm down and appreciate the protection. This year we’ve found amazing concentrations of very relaxed animals, but this bull elephant seems to be taking all of this a bit too far! He arrived in camp and literally spent the night. Staff were tip-toeing around so as to not wake him as his snores resounded through the forest. We do try to make sure that everyone in camp, guest or animal, has the perfect stay!

Caption competition

We’d love to hear your captions for this photo. The best caption received by 30 November 2012 will receive a signed copy of Beverly and Dereck Joubert’s ‘Eye of the Leopard’ coffee table book. For your chance to win simply Like our Facebook page by clicking on this link, or on the elephant image above, and enter the competition.

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