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January 25, 2013

Sabi Sabi January 2013

Never far from home

Having a great love of the bushveld and being part of the Sabi Sabi family is an enduring passion for the many wonderful employees of this amazing company, and leaving for distant lands is a heartbreaking wrench. Such was the path taken by long-time employee Warren Green, when he translocated from South Africa with his American wife and two young boys.
But this long-time Sabi Sabi ranger and wildlife fanatic, now living in the United States, found the next best thing to living in the South African bush. Warren represents Sabi Sabi in North America, visiting the lodges as often as possible and keeping close ties with ‘home’.

Raised in Cape Town, Warren was schooled in the wilderness by the renowned founder of the Wilderness Leadership School and champion of rhino conservation, Dr Ian Player. From the very outset Dr. Player managed to instill his personal devotion to conservation into Warren, and three decades later the force still drives him. Of Warren’s nearly thirty years of wildlife involvement, 20 have been with Sabi Sabi, first as an employee, and now as our representative with his own representation company read more

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