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October 8, 2011

Huab Lodge & Bush SPA

At a glance

Enjoy the unique ”Huab Sound of Silence” at Huab Lodge & BushSPA situated in the middle of an 8000 hectar private nature reserve in Damaraland en-route from or to Etosha.

Here you find complete quiet punctuated only the by the calls of birds, the bark of a baboon or sometimes even the rasping of a leopard. The perfect place for relaxation and deceleration.
The natural thermal pool, a swimming pool as well as the BushSPA massage and wellness therapies allow you to enjoy your perfect “I-feel-great” experience.

Luxuriate in comfortable surroundings, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and the stunning landscape with its impressive animal and plant life.

What is unique at Huab Lodge & Bush Spa

Huab Lodge & BushSPA began as an idea to generate funds to save the desert -dwelling elephant from being harassed and shot. Huab Conservation Trust and Huab Lodge was
setup as low impact and eco-friendly establishment with sustainability in mind. Since 1992 awareness has increased, as has tourism and the “value” of the elephant is changing.
The original farmland is a small, unique area called Monte Carlo that boasts stunning views bisected by the mostly dry Huab River. The former rest camp, which accommodated
tourists in the 1970s, now houses the lodge’s staff.

At a special site just down river from the old rest camp, where the Germans built the so-called German Bath in the late 1800s, Huab Lodge & BushSPA was erected.
Despite its size the unique main building blends well into its surroundings. The irregular thatch roof mirrors a mountain on the opposite bank. The stone and thatch bungalows spread
along the elevated north bank of the river ensuring a private and magnificent view even from the shower!

Huab Lodge & BushSPA with all it has to offer and being off the beaten track is not a place for a single nightstop. You should allow several days to enjoy and absorb the tranquillity
and quiet, the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and the many activities. There is an airstrip near the lodge.

Huab Lodge & BushSPA has been awarded Gold from Iwanowski, and for 16 years in a row with the Hospitality Award of Excellence as the best Lodge. Also, Huab Lodge & BushSPA
has been honored for its low impact, eco-friendly and sustainable setup with the ECO-Award Namibia. In Tripadvisor, Huab Lodge & BushSPA is rated as #1 Lodge in Namibia.

Accommodation & Facilities

Eight stone and thatch bungalows can accommodate a maximum of 16 guests. Meals are enjoyed with the hosts at the family table, where in the Lodge’s friendly atmosphere
guests can make friends and exchange opinions and learn more about the country. In Huab Lodge & BushSPA tradition a variety of less well-known South African wines are presented
ceremoniously each evening for guests to appreciate and enjoy.

The spacious bungalows have a large private patio and are tastefully and practically furnished. All is hand made from local material and local crafters. They all include a separate
en-suite toilet, two hand-wash basins and mirrors and even the shower has a view. The airy room with two queen size beds has large windows giving lots of light and a view across
the Huab River. Tea and coffee making facilities are set out. Mosquito nets, a ceiling fan, and a torch as well as biologically degradable soaps and shampoo is provided.
24 hours 220 volt power comes from the silent solar energy plant concealed on the hill.

The chemically untreated water has a neutral pH value. There is no need to close the curtains, instead you can watch the stars and listen to the calls of several owl species and
the barking geckos as you drift off to sleep. In the morning as you look out from the comfort of your (extra long) bed you can enjoy the soft light as the sun catches the mountains
and a new day begins.

The dawn chorus gives voice to grey hornbills, fork tailed drongos and white-browed sparrow-weavers in particular. The “heart-attack” call of the red-billed francolin ensures a rush of
adrenaline first thing in the morning and the Hartlaub’s francolin shrieks his “machu pichu” from somewhere in the granite.

Activities & Attractions

Include an expertly guided early morning walk into the sunrise and scenic drives in an open vehicle before lunch. In the late afternoon you enjoy the view of unspoiled vegetation,
birds, animals and the unique environment followed by a stunning sunset.

Stargazing may take place before sun-up and could include viewing Saturn’srings or Jupiter’s moons. There are unusual rock paintings and old tools and shards.
The area boasts 10 of the endemic desert bird species including Hartlaub’s francolin, Rüppel’s parrot, violet wood-hoopoe, Monteiro’s hornbill, Carp’s blacktit, Barecheeked babbler,
Damara rock runner and White-tailed shrike, and many mammals and reptiles that are of particular interest in the semi-desert environment.

The Thermal Bath natural hot-spring under its inviting thatch at Huab Lodge & BushSPA is between 37 and 39 degrees Centigrade and has soothing and healing properties and a neutral pH.
There is no sulphur! The cool pool next to it is about 24 to 26 degrees. Bird watching from here is excellent with good chances of seeing several species of the colorful waxbills as
they come to the birdbath, so don’t forget your binocs, and keep an eye out for an elephant that might come wandering along the riverbed while you wallow!

Professional and experienced Physiotherapists provide all different kind of Treatments and Massages and will be the best to unwind completely after you enjoyed the natural hot-spring.


Huab Lodge & BushSPA is situated halfway between Khorixas and Kamanjab in the northwestern part of Namibia, Damaraland.
From Outjo you can cut off about 70 km by first heading 10 km towards Okaukuejo on the C38, then turn left for a further 40 km on the tar road towards Kamanjab on the C40.
Then turn left again onto the D3236. At the T-junction with the C35 turn north toward Kamanjab for 15km and just after the narrow bridge take the Huab Lodge & BushSPA signboard on
the D2670 going west. 35 km later on a road that becomes more and more breathtaking as you continue you arrive at your comfortable and inviting Huab Lodge & BushSPA.
The driving time from Khorixas as well as from Kamanjab is 1 hour 30 minutes, at a safe speed but without stopping to smell the flowers. The driving time from Outjo is 2 hours 30 minutes,
from Swakopmund 5 hours and from Windhoek 6 hours.
The Fly-In time from Windhoek is about 1 hour 40 minutes, from Swakopmund about 1 hour and from Etosha about 40 minutes.

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