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November 24, 2011

Kontrei Traveller Paarl, South Africa

When using Cape Town as Gateway, find your sustainable tour operator in the neighboring Boland region in Paarl, some 65 km out of town.

We are registered with SATSA (South African Tourism Services Association) as member #636

We specialize in private and small group experiential travel. The itineraries are designed as a series of “sense of place experiences”. The travel package is a mixture of natural and cultural elements from a unique place in a unique region to be experienced in an interactive way leading to some enlightenment of the diversity South Africa can provide. Your hosts form part of the local knowledge added on to the knowledge of the registered tour guide to befriend you with the new experience.

We travel South Africa using Cape Town as Gateway, Kontrei (Region) by Kontrei (Region) and Place by Place and
• We go Slow
• Have fun while you receive a warm welcome
• Feel safe and secure
• Get good value for money
• Experience something authentic and new

The service providers are specially selected people. We contribute to sustainability by using Kontrei Traveller to promote the products of the Kontrei Traveller Portfolio. Each member of the Kontrei Traveller Portfolio(KTP) is actively managing his/her business in their kontreis, thus contributing via the 4 structural elements, (the 4C’s), to sustainability.
• Conservation: conserving natural and cultural resources used for tourism production.
• Community: enhancing benefits for host communities at tourism destinations.
• Customer: ethical consumption of authentic sense of place experiences.
• Company: managing the long term sustainability of its tourism business.

A substantial part of visitor satisfaction is being befriended with another Kontrei and to have enlightening experiences of another place/kontrei in terms of the local natural and cultural dynamics.

A satisfactory visitor experience also contributes to the quality of life enrichment of the host – visitor relationship in terms of appreciation expressed in better understanding, conservation, stability, cooperation, harmony in diversity and additional inner peace.

The office of Kontrei Traveller forms part of our 4* accommodation, Zomerlust Gastehuis, in Paarl. You are welcome to stay and travel with us.

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