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May 6, 2012

Northcliff Manor Guest House

About The Manor

We invite you to one of the earliest homes built in 1937 against the Northcliff hill – in the heart of Egoli – The City of Gold. On arrival you will be overwhelmed by wonderment, calm and beauty as a result of the architecture, luxurious accommodation and lush landscape.

This unique, historical and architectural gem of Northcliff has been restored with passion and respect and the comfort and entertainment of guests in mind.

Some of the fantasy of the performing arts has flowed over into the ambiance of The Manor, as Johnny and Ilse van der Merwe have been award winning designers and manufacturers of Stage, Film and TV décor sets since the beginning of the South African television industry – including classics such as Pumpkin Patch to Idols, 7 De Laan and Who wants to be a Millionaire, to name a few.

Ilse is an artist. She graduated at the Michaelis School of Fine Art (U.C.T) with distinction in painting and was the top Matric Art Scholar in the Cape Province. Her mother, Venus Gobregts, is also a widely acclaimed artist. Her exquisitely crafted paintings, filled with glorious colour, pomegranates, poppies, figs and other luscious symbols, are a delight and inspiration for all to behold. Please view the art works of selected South African Artists in The Manor.

Please enjoy Johnny’s fine collection of European Antiques and Yellow- and Stinkwood Africana Furniture – from the four poster beds and armoires to a collection of Victorian glass and Italian spode.

Our History – History of The Manor

The Manor was designed by the acclaimed architect W. B. Pabst. Bernard Pabst was the carrier of the German Expressionism – 1920’s Berlin – to South Africa. He arrived here during the 1930’s. His architectural designs were quite distinctive, unconventional, irregular and asymmetrical.

The Manor was built as a wedding gift to Ms. Suzzman, a well known anti-apartheid politician. She was the Progressive Party’s only representative for 13 years in a hostile, Afrikaans and male dominated Apartheid Parliament. During her lifetime she was awarded 27 honorary doctorates and made an honorary Dame Commander of the order of The British Empire. She was also nominated twice for the Nobel Prize for Peace. Sadly, at the age of 91 years old, she died on New Years Day 2009, but the legend lives on.

The Manor has deservedly been restored as an historical and beloved gem of Northcliff and is in mint condition.

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