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April 16, 2016

“Kenya wins Big at the World Travel Awards”

Kenya wins Big at the World Travel Awards

Kenya received more than 10 awards at the recently concluded World Travel Awards held in Zanzibar last week. Below are some of the awards received:
Africa’s leading National Park – Maasai Mara Game Reserve
Africa’s leading Beach Destination – Diani Beach
Africa’s leading Tented Safari Camp – Finch Hattons
Africa’s leading Meetings & Conference Destination – Nairobi
Africa’s leading Tourist Board – Kenya Tourism Board
Africa’s leading Hotel – Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club
Africa’s leading Hotel Brand – Serena Hotels
Africa’s leading Green Hotel – Nairobi Serena Hotel
Africa’s leading Family Resort – Leopard Beach Resort & Spa
Africa’s leading Design Hotel – Tribe Hotel
Africa’s leading Airline – Kenya Airways
Africa’s leading Destination & Cruise Port – Mombasa
Bird Watching
Kenya is considered as a bird viewing haven, with over 1100 different bird species found in major National Parks like Lake Nakuru National Park , Lake Baringo , Lake Naivasha , Maasai Mara and Tsavo East National Park .

Did you know:

Grey Headed Kingfisher birds (image above) come from the family of Kingfishers that are small to medium sized brightly colored birds. They are fairly common in wooded areas, often near water. Despite the name, the grey-headed kingfisher does not feed on fish, but instead thrives on a  variety of insects, such as grasshoppers, cockroaches and beetles, and occasionally takes small lizards.
Like other kingfishers, this specy generally sits still on a perch, before diving steeply down to the ground in pursuit of prey.
The nest, which is excavated by both sexes, consists of a tunnel up to a metre long, dug into a riverbank, gully or termite mound.
Egg-laying occurs between September and December, with three to four eggs incubated by both parent birds for around 20 days

News Update

Funzi Keys Resort is located on an small island in the Indian Ocean. Consisting of  of nine spacious sea front cottages set along the high-water line and eight sea view cottages, with large netted windows open to the balmy sea breezes. Each individually designed room has a hand carved king-sized four-poster bed and is furnished with local wooden artifacts and colorful fabrics. Beachfront cottages additionally have a Jacuzzi with spectacular sea view! All cottages are provided with fans, safes and beach accessories in the oversized bathroom. In front of each cottage is a private sitting area where guests can enjoy a drink and watch the sun go down in total privacy.

This beautiful resort decided to close its doors for renovations and to reconstruct to make it more beautiful than ever from April 2016 till further notice.  We will update on its opening dates.

Contact Mel @ for more on this amazing country.

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