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December 2, 2014

News Update from Nambiti Hills

The start of the heavy rainfall has added warm splashes of colour all around the lodge. We’ve noticed various wild flowers popping up around the reserve, the most common being the bright white Natal Primrose. The lush and thick grass has in turn had a domino effect on the wildlife at the reserve.

Ntombi, the oldest lioness on the reserve has recently had a litter of three cubs. Our sightings have been brief as she is extremely protective over them and keeps them hidden in a den, at the apex of a rocky outcrop at the centre of the reserve. They are now six weeks old and we hope to get a glimpse of them soon. Other newborn animals can also be seen all around the reserve. We have been lucky to spot elephant, hippo and giraffe calves, zebra foals and impala lambs.

There have been a lot of exciting adventures here at the lodge and we wait in anticipation to see what is to follow.
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