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Category Archives: Rock Climbing

@Nieu-Bethesda – A Great Karoo Destination
@Nieu-Bethesda – A Great Kar...
Nieu Bethesda tourism information and accommodationLife in Nieu Bethesda potters along much as it did 130 years ago, when the village was founded. Stone water ...
Feb 26, 2013 , 0
Mount Everest Game Farm
Mount Everest Game Farm
Take the road less travelled…it makes all the difference. Whether you are seeking peace and silence or adventure and adrenalin, Mount Everest Game Farm can ...
Feb 11, 2012 , 0
Etusis Lodge
Etusis Lodge
At a glance Etusis Game Reserve covers an area of 21,000 hectares in west-central Namibia, encompassing part of the Otjipatera Mountain range. The terrain is ...
Oct 07, 2011 , 0