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January 19, 2011

Happy Holidays

About Us
….have a HAPPY HOLIDAY started as a small business and now it is a huge success. We love to be out with our guests, we are passionate about South Africa and Namibia and we would like to share it with you. Gudrun was born and bred in Namibia, third generation in southern Africa – with German still as her mother tongue, she is responsible for all the tours in Namibia, Botswana, the Namaqualand Flower Tours as well as the Garden Route Tours.

John Hartley is a wine, culture and nature guide. He has been operating the travel desk at the Protea Hotel since 2008, from 2011 he is the new partner at Happy Holiday. John is responsible for tours in the Western Cape, he will offer the Daily Wine Tours as well as tours in and around Cape Town and Cape Point. We are a proud team and would like to offer you the
best service possible.

…have a Happy Holiday

We specialise in small tour groups.

•We know the best South African wineries in the scenic Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl wine route.
•Explore Cape Town and it’s surroundings.
•We know when and where to see the most beautiful flowers and landscapes in the Namaqualand.
•Get close to the whales in Hermanus.
•Come tour with us in the Garden Route – it isn’t called the “Garden” Route for nothing!
•Join us on a wonderful Namibian experience.

If you are looking for a personal touring experience, look no further.

Save the porcupine

If we continue killing our little porcupines, we will have them on the red data list soon…

PLEASE do not buy any products made out of porcupine quills. You will find beautiful jewelry, ornaments, lampshades and even place mats in the South African shops.

There is a perception that porcupine quills falls out like hair and that this is how they are gathered to create products. It is simply not true, porcupines are caught and killed in order to get the quills – as many as 3 porcupines have to be killed to make a lampshade or a placemat.

If we, South Africans, go on like this we will have our little porcupine on the red data list one of these days.

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